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Find a story in the current media that concerns a situation that you dread encountering in a healthcare setting. One that involves ethical and legal issues. Summarize the details so that you can present the hypothetical to the class as if you were seeking advice from a colleague about how to handle the situation. Topics can include abortion, sterilization, artificial insemination, experimentation, stem cell research, AIDS, euthanasia, assisted suicide and more.

2. Make an original post of 1-2 concise paragraphs. Describe a hypothetical scenario of your own. Write it AS IF EMAILING A COLLEAGUE. Be sure to:

Describe the people involved BUT in a way that wouldn’t be a breach of confidentiality (if they were real people)
Describe staff reactions or other factors that might complicate the situation
Explain why this is an ethical dilemma
Identify legal issues you are concerned about


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