Written Assignment:

You Make the Call: Putting the Greek into Yogurt (p. 109-110 and p. 135). Read about Chobani yogurt, listen

to the CEO of Chobani on TED Radio Hour NPR session What we Value from 7/17/2020

(https://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/848310993/what-we-value?showDate=2020-07-17, listen to the full

one-hour session or skip to about 19 minutes in to about 30 minutes to listen to information on Chobani CEO),

and answer the “Putting the Greek Yogurt” questions on page 135 of the textbook. Answer all questions in

paragraph form (do not repeat question). In addition to your textbook and articles, you may use cite the TED

Radio Hour on NPR and Chobani’s website for this paper.

This assignment must be in APA format and submitted to Turnitin. There is no word limit but the paper must

thoroughly review the questions.

Use headings to help with the flow of the paper. Do not list back-to-back headings—there should always

be text below a heading. Headings describe the text. Refer to Course Resources for information regarding

using headings in your assignments. HINT: Name headings something relevant to the questions.

Use a minimum of two peer-reviewed journal articles and the textbook to support your response. You must

cite. Since your papers are research based (and not opinions), practically every sentence will be cited.


Locate Business Peer-reviewed journals on “peer-reviewed articles databases” found via google.

  • Published no later than 5 years ago
  • Articles or Journals
  • Research for journals must be conducted in the United States
You Make the Call: Putting the Greek into Yogurt