In preparation for your final exam, write a formal essay dealing with the content of Archer’s essay, your own views on the issue and the views in a student’s essay,” Neighbors. ” As you know, you have to connect them and in the body of your essay in each paragraph include a quote or paraphrase from the essay. Do not forget to present the page in which we find the quote or paraphrase. Use the MLA model like this: (Archer 46) and then in the following quotations or paraphrases, just the page number (46). 

Archer’s essay is a brief, interesting one in which she starts with examples rather than the introduction and thesis, and only at the end of the essay does the reader fully understand her question about the nature of compassion. Focus well on your reading of the essay so that you can make good choices that go well with your similar or different views. 

Focus on good sentence structure, verb forms, and proofread your essay aloud before you submit it. Please follow the model studied in class. ( Please see Weekly Tasks).

Outcomes: Preparation for improving reading and writing and being ready for the final exam. Every time students write an essay, these same goals are to be satisfied.

Write a formal essay dealing with the content of Archer’s essay