This course is called “Legal aspects of white-collar crime”
“Why Corruption still is a big issue in China and ways to resolve” is the initial topic of our research paper, as my partner is doing the “way to resolve” part, so we don’t need to write that part in it. Instead, we only focus on the “Why Corruption still is a big issue in China” part

-To emphasis the legal aspects in your analysis as the outline seems to suggest the perspective is on the sociological aspects contributing to the corruption problem, which somewhat fall outside the focus of this course

-Consider what is meant by “still serious” (i.e., how the degree of seriousness can or should be measured). Adopting the focus on the guanxi aspect sounds fine, but you may also want to explore the legal dimension to the extent that aspect is being regulated or impacted in the context of corporate governance.

The research synopsis is just for reference, and you can emphasis this “Why Corruption still is a big issue in China” issue in a more serious manner through using data or other types of evidence that can strengthen the argument.

Also for the Issues part, please mainly emphasis the legal aspect much more instead of the sociological part, and should you feel the points that are listed in the issues part is weak, you can edit or add more that you feel can strengthen the paper.

Also, Legal cases and compare with other country’s legal system are encouraged if can strengthen the points of the paper

All answers should be typed, 1.5 lines spacing, paginated, and presented in a suitable font type and size (e.g., Times New Roman 12 point), using an appropriate academic citation style ( OSCOLA style not MLA). Adequate margins should also be provided.

Some other requirements:
> Demonstrate your critical analysis as well as creativity /
originality in viewpoints;
> Support your analysis/arguments with appropriate and relevant
> Be mindful of doing a “comparative” analysis;
> Focus on quality over quantity;
> Think through the structure of your paper, such as coherence and

Why Corruption still is a big issue in China