Your thesis statement should not just argue how and why the phenomenon of law enforcement in schools is significant to a variety of different perspectives on a national level, but why those different perspectives are important in influencing policies, attitudes, stereotypes, and laws. Use the questions above to help guide your response. Think deeply about the unintended consequences of policies and law. Consider what you think a learning environment should be like, and consider the five essential components listed on page 107.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do police/law enforcement in schools know how to police children?

Is there a correlation/connection of policing in schools occurring more where a majority of the student population are students of color?

Are these policing policies supporting our hurting learning environments?

How effective are “zero-tolerance” policies, and are they equitably applied to all students?

Possible Approaches To Your Thesis And Analysis

In addition to the questions in this prompt, you may consider the reading in Chapter 2 of your text (Critical Thinking: The Basics )”Critical Thinking and Dispositions”. In this case you can think about approaching this prompt from a particular perspective. Remember, regardless of the circumstance, we are analyzing policies with children in a K-12 environment. Consider how you would approach your thesis and analysis if you saw this through the lens/perspective of:

A parent with a child in K-12
A teacher
A student
A school administrator
A law enforcement officer
A law maker / politician

Continue applying the skills you have gained in English 101, but in a more sophisticated way. Think about your readings in the reading and course text, in terms of what critical thinking is and what constitutes truth. A major goal for this paper is for you to show your ability to assess and integrate the information you read in the assigned reading.

Assess how the concepts of critical thinking (fact, inference, and judgment; assumptions; fallacies; and/or induction and deduction) affect the meaning and argument of texts.

Analyze the relationship between meaning in texts and language manipulation.

Analyze contexts of a text (fiction and/or non-fiction) and their impact on the argument presented.

Develop thesis-driven arguments that demonstrate maturity and sophistication of thought and style.

Find complex and diverse college-level sources and synthesize them to support a nuanced argument.

Synthesize, paraphrase, and/or quote from primary and secondary sources while adhering to most recent MLA documentation guidelines.

You must integrate at least 5 direct source material (quotes, data, paraphrased information/facts, analysis) from the Howard piece.

Create a Works Cited page for the source/reading provided.

Why Black Lives (And Minds) Matter