1. Watch Jess’s story: Do no harm Jess’ story (video below)

2. Give an example from your personal experience of how patients in this situation have been treated within the healthcare system. Many times the person does not have the disease or illness they are certain they do have. (Do not use identifiers such as names of people and organization involved). Address the following:

Assess the situation you experienced from multiple perspectives- the RN role, the physician role, the patient role, the family role, other pertinent roles.
How does this happen?
Where in the system does the breakdown occur?
3. Perform a literature search looking for articles on how nurses and other healthcare team members (not focused on physicians) should interact with these types of patients. Be sure to:

Describe what terms you used for your search.
How many articles did you find where a situation like this occurs?
4. Based on your search:

What is the expectation of the healthcare delivery system when situations like the one in Jess’s story present themselves?
How can informatics and technology be used to positively influence the situation?
How can nurses address the issue?
5. Present information from your search to support your ideas for the questions (steps 2 -4) above. Citing resource(s) in APA format is expected. Please make sure you are structuring paragraphs, using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Content is important. But so is structuring the information so it is clear and easy to read

What would you do?