The research proposal which have attached into the files must be expanded on using aid from the other documents I have sent. Use the Dissertation Structure file to estanlish how the word count should be allocated and also this can be used along with the assignment brief to establish what sections should be included and what should be spoken about in these sections.

The research proposal should be used as a base and all work that is done should be added on to the existing sections of the research proposal along with any new sections that need to be included in order to complete the full paper.Also ensure the entire paper is in the format required which is stated in the format guidance file. Be sure to include an appendix and figures within the paper to support points.

The methodoly sections needs to be strengthened which is stated in the feedback for the research propsoal and dont be shy to add to parts of the research propsoal if it makes the paper more concice and literate strenghting the argument and research within the paper.

The data analysis section will be entirely done by you the writer. So I would want to beforehand discuss how this section will be approached and how the data which be achieved as most likely the data will have to made up and in line with the aims and objectives of the paper .

Be sure to also add or adjust the aims and objectives depending on the direction of the paper and what is included within the paper.

So in short the research proposal needs to be used as the foundation of the paper and this should be expanded on while also making necessary changes to the research proposal part of the paper to ensure it flows and make sense.

Be sure to use havard referencing and that every single point is referenced this highly important.

Currently the paper is based around “Considering & Implementing Waste Management Practises within the Construction Sector and the Importance of Legislation in Promoting Waste Minimization Methods”. So this is the direction I want the paper to follow but if you feel changes are needed to made then we can discuss this.

Waste Managment and minimization within the Construction Sector