The first thing you need to do is choose ONE topic for YOUR academic poster about ‘Victorian Aboriginal History 1800-1900’ from the list of weekly lecture topic titles listed below (1-12).


  1. Victorian Aboriginal historiography
  2. Early contacts (1800-1835)
  3. Initial responses and reactions to the colonists

4 & 5. Frontier Violence

  1. Work on the frontier
  2. The Native Police, Aboriginal Protectorate System, Aboriginal school and early missions


  1. Aboriginal people on the Victorian goldfields (1850-1860s);
  2. Government Policies in the mid to late nineteenth century (1860-1900);
  3. Indigenous response to Government policies (1860-1900)
  4. Missions in Victoria 1860-1900;
  5. Aboriginal Heroes of the Victorian frontier 1800-1900

Now you have chosen ONE you need to locate two (2) peer reviewed journal articles [or choose 2 chapters from peer reviewed books – or a mix of both…but your summaries are not to be written about chapters from your text book] – that are relevant to your chosen Victorian Aboriginal History 1800-1900 topic.


Please note: If you are an INDSL 3109 student you must select three (3) peer reviewed journal articles [or choose 3 chapters from peer reviewed books – or a mix of both


There is a list of peer reviewed journal articles/book chapters for each topic in moodle for students to browse. You may choose your 2 journal articles/book chapters from this list – or look further afield.


The next thing to do is write summaries of 2 [IF YOU ARE A 3109 STUDENT YOU MUST WRITE 3] peer reviewed articles or book chapters – that are relevant to one [1] OF THE TOPICS selected from the list of Weekly Lecture Topics. [See below for the list of ‘Weekly Lecture Topics’]. Each summary will be 300 words (+-10%) in length.

Keep in mind that the topic you choose for task one WILL be the topic for Task

Victorian Aboriginal History. First contact (1800-1835)