1. ‘The rule in Rylands v Fletcher has no purpose in the modern law. Rylands claims could be dealt with by the tort of nuisance instead.’
Critically discuss.
2. ‘Social media ‘influencers’ are de facto employees of social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube. Social media platforms should be vicariously liable for torts committed by influencers.’
Critically discuss.
3. “There is, or so it would seem, a certain confusion, perhaps even ignorance, about the ingredients of the intentional torts of assault and battery…” (F Trindade ‘Intentional Torts: Some Thoughts on Assault and Battery’ (1982) 2(2) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 211-237, p.211)
Critically discuss this statement with reference to relevant literature.
4. ‘It is no longer defamatory to call a person ‘gay’. Society has moved on and labelling someone with an incorrect sexual orientation is no longer damaging to a person’s reputation.’ Critically discuss

Torts 2