Topic: Essential oil as replace of antibiotik

The thesis will solve the reduction to gram positive and gram negative bacteria using essential oils (oregano, timian, garlic) in in vitro conditions.


Topic: New mixtures of urban lawns as a tool for climate change adaptation

The aim of diploma thesis is to create new mixtures for establishment of urban lawns. It is focused primarily on the climate change resistance of the lawns grown from such mixtures in urban areas as well as on promoting biodiversity. More resistant lawn is likely to be more effective in the fulfillment of its aesthetic and ecosystem functions, i.e. water regime management, oxygen production, temperature and humidity control, etc.


Topic: Inteligent and bioactive multilayer package used in protection of corn seed viability

The aim of the study is the production of 100 % natural friendly and degradable multilayer intelligent package with multi-functional properties (antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant and pH-sensitive) used for preservation of corn seeds. The Intelligent and multilayer package will be prepared using 100 % degradable natural polymers such us furcellaran, chitosan, alginate, pectin. The multilayer preservation effect will be tested in-vitro, and their effect will then be verified by seed germination experiments studied basic physiological parameters (vitality or germination) as well as possible biochemical and genetic changes in seeds will be monitored. The seeds will be stored under various conditions (humidity, temperature, light, etc.).


Topic: The relationship between the selected indicators of breeding environment on milk production of dairy cows

For example: breed effect, heat stress effect, breeding system effect, milking effect. Milk production will mainly include daily yield, fat and protein content, somatic cells, etc.


Topic: Relationship between the breeding and performance system of the selected breed of horses

Characteristics of the selected breed; breeding breed systém; create a Horse Performance Database; selection of an appropriate mathematical statistical method for evaluation; evaluation of the relation between the breeding and performance system in the selected breed of horses.


Topic: Evaluation of biomass production and quality of tropical forages

Establishing an experiment with tropical crops in the climabox. Evaluation of grows, production (dry matter yield) and quality (crude protein, Crude fibre, Ca, P, K) of tropical forages.


Topics of Diploma thesis for students of General Agriculture for year 2019