You are a gerontology nurse working in a rehabilitation unit. You notice that the majority of your clients are in the 75+ age range and are at a very high functional level. They are here for a short stay status post a hip or knee replacement. They will be returning to independent living after they gain their mobility back. However you also notice there are a small group of clients in the same age group who are not progressing as well; their stamina is not as strong, and they seem to lack confidence and motivation to carry out the physical therapy programs. Please follow these guidelines to complete this assignment:

Why do you think there is such a difference?
Do you think attitude is part of the healing process? If so, why?
What is the role of self-efficacy in rehabilitation?
Does spirituality play a role in the healing process?
Is there a difference between spirituality and self-efficacy?
Distinguish between preventive and rehabilitative interventions.
What are the specific assessments the nurse would complete to determine the clients’ functional level? (name at least 3)
Does the clients’ previous health behaviors have an impact on.
What type of private insurance increases the subscriber’s choice of provider and improves access to services financially or through an increased approved network of providers?
Paper must be at least 3 pages in length (not including title or reference page), and cite three peer reviewed references.

The value of Rehabilitation