How has the online user-generated discussions on JamiiForums platform stirred influence of citizen digital engagement towards the government and other authorities in the Tanzanian Political landscape?

In this study I aim at conducting a research as on to what extent the Tanzanian Whistle- blowing site popularly known as JamiiForums has directly addressed challenges of political oppression in the country.

The sub- research questions are, (1) How does JamiiForums platform work? (2) How does JamiiForums influence it’s use and impact? (3) How has the platform played part in revolutionising Citizen participation in New Media and democratic framework in Tanzania? (4) How does JamiiForums fit with other Social Networks in influencing the political landscape?


1. Refine the research focus and construct an appropriate research question. It introduces the elements of a good literature review. Also, Do the questions clearly identify a problem?

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3. Kindly present the research findings in a clear and focused manner.

4. Kindly describe the results in terms of the literature that you will use to frame the study and also how it adds existing body of academic knowledge.

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The role of JamiiForums in addressing challenges of Political Oppression in Tanzania from 2014 – 2019