This period is known as the Nadir or the Nadir of Race Relations.  Usually anything related to this subject which pertains to race relations is not included in textbooks and if so, is an abridged version.

In the past weeks and months one specific case from this time period was resurrected.  In October of last year, HBO premiered a series called The Watchmen in which the first episode opens with a race riot.  What many viewers did not know that watched the show unfold was that this particular event happened in real life in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 and is known as The Tulsa Race Massacre.

Although words cannot express how tumultuous this time period in history was for race relations, the question remains how do we learn from the past if we never know or discuss past events such as these that can be teachable moments that can make us better as a society?

So, for your first assignment you are to read the Nadir of Race Relations (attached) and listen to the Podcast Tulsa Race Riot ( and answer the questions below in a 3 – 4 page essay:

  1. Discuss the Nadir of Race Relations, what was the general message of the reading – please explain thoroughly.
  2. What were some unique causes of the Tulsa Race Massacre as described by Hannibal Johnson (1rst interview-man), list at least three (3)?
  3. Discuss the similarities and differences in what actually triggered the Tulsa Massacre as described by Hannibal Johnson and Michelle Place (2ndinterview-woman). In your opinion which interviewee provides more detail in discussing the triggers of the massacre.  Explain your choice and why.
  4. What are the reasons given by Johnson as to why the Tulsa Race Massacre is left out of the history books? What are your thoughts…and should this history be included or dismissed?
  5. According to Hannibal Johnson there needs to be consistent and focused dialogue constructed around our tortured racial past. Is there truth in his statement or should “we the people” move on and stop talking about race?
  6. Discuss at least three (3) things that you learned and found to be thought provoking from the podcast. Explain thoroughly.
The Nadir/Tulsa of Race Relations 1921 – as described by Hannibal Johnson and Michelle Place