Research each topic. The sources you find should give you information to write an
original narrative explaining the topic, about one page of writing for each topic. The
questions below are suggestions for research and you do not have to answer them all.
1) DESCRIPTION: Write a topic sentence stating the title of the artwork. Then tell me
what you see. If there are human figures what are they doing? How are they posed? What
are they wearing? What are the expressions on their faces? Tell me about the non-human
figures. Include relative sizes, positions and colors used as you describe each figure.
2) MEDIUM: What is the substance the artist uses to make the work of art? Where does
it come from? What properties does it have that make it a good medium for art? Why
does an artist use this medium? What advantages and disadvantages does it have?
3) THE ARTIST’S PROCESS: Tell me what the artist does to turn medium into the
artwork. What tools does he use? What techniques does he use? What are the steps?
4) THE SUBJECT: What is featured on the object, or what does the object represent?
Does the artwork represent a particular myth or story? If so, tell me a version of the myth
and how this artwork tells the story. If there is an original source for the myth or story,
you must research it and include quotes from related literature.
5) THE CULTURE: Tell me about the people who created this work of art. In which
culture was the artist living? What were the people like? Where did they live and how did
they live? Who were the rulers during the century when the artwork was made? What
building was done during that time?
6) THEME: Start this section by writing “The theme of this artwork is ________.” Find
one word that sums up the main idea you have when looking at the artwork. Tell me what
you see on the artwork that brings the theme to mind. Tell me why the theme is important
to human life. Explain how the theme is present in your own life.
The essay must be five pages or more in length, double-spaced. Please use MLA format
explained on the next page. Do not include photos or graphics of any kind. You are not
required to include a works cited page but may do so if you wish

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