This research focus on serial murderers, specifically copycat murderers.

Copycat murders are committed in a way that is similar to a previous murder committed by a
different person. Modern criminologists believe that everything from television to videogames is
being blamed for promoting such criminal activities. There is not much literature on this topic,
but Ray Surette has done a significant amount of research to make me gain interest in it. His
book ‘Media, Crime and Criminal Justice’ allured me to this field of crime and is now helping
me in my own research. The aim of my current study is to analyse prevalence of copycat crime
by studying different researches and cases of the same. Such a study will benefit the criminal
justice system. Researching on copycat crime would help law enforcement to understand,
recognize and predict the shifts of crime trends and the emergence of crime clusters.

‘The extensive nature of Copycat Crimes’