The ageing of the UK population means fewer taxpayers to pay for the cost of a growing proportion of elderly citizens. Identify and evaluate two possible solutions to this issue.

– Introduction
– Body 1 (Solution 1 ) with evidence, data and examples.
-Body 2 (Solution 2 ) with evidence, data and examples.
– Body 3 (Evaluation) Advantages and disadvantages of each solution then choose the one depending on Evidences.
– Summarise
– References.

(Each body has to include at least 1 citation)
(Each body has to be related to the questions)
(When evaluating, Judge and choose and evaluate don’t describe)

Use these two sources :

1- Caley, M. and Sidhu, K., 2011. Estimating the future healthcare costs of an aging population in the UK: expansion of morbidity and the need for preventative care. Journal of Public Health, 33(1), pp.117-122.

2- Nikolova, M., (2016). Two solutions to the challenges of population aging.[Online] The Brookings Institute. Available at : [ Last accessed 20.3.2020].

The ageing of the UK population