Use the Test Scores Data Set. The data consists of standardized test scores over several years. Use the techniques you have learned to summarize, present, and describe the data.
• Create a confidence interval for the mean score for each year. Use a 95% level of confidence. Clearly explain what the confidence interval means. Does each confidence interval include the population mean for all years? Explain why or why not.
• The test scores dropped in 2009. Design and run a hypothesis test to determine if the decline represented a statistically significant decrease in the mean test score. Be sure to explain how you plan set up the test. You will need to decide what you will use as your population. Be sure to explain the result and implications of the hypothesis test.
• Is there a significant difference in mean test scores between males and females? Between whites and Hispanics? Design and run hypothesis tests to answer these questions. Explain the set up, results, and implications.

Test Scores