Hello – If you are experienced in analyzing and writing Test and Measurement for Psychology, then you and I will work together over additional assignments.

Overview – Assignment was to identify (2) Related Constructs and (1) Un-Related Construct to Depression.

Situation – After several hours today/tonight – have found that the original scale I was using Spiritual Well-Being (SWB) is measured in two other sub-scales that I can not locate anywhere. I have used tutors additionally from University. – Therefore, I had to find a NEW scale and NEW articles. The new Scale is SIBS. ** I have enclosed articles along with Scale Article for you.

Step One:
Attaching the original Introduction
Attaching the pictures of the annotations from the professor
Attaching the Professors “How to Comments” of how the original paper needs to be corrected
Attaching the New Research Articles and New Scale

Step One Assistance:
Re-write the corrections
Re-write the new references as can fit into the introduction. Obviously also showing a highlight of which sections are being eliminated and which are being added
Correct the reference page

STEP TWO Assistance: Existing Measures
Attaching Measures Instructions
Need Paper written. The good news is that the scale section can be a screenshot if the clear picture. At least those don’t have to be manually typed out.

I hope this is enough to get you started and evaluate if possible. Thank you so much!

Test and Measurement Project / AN