PICOT: Does utilizing telehealth remote monitoring devices (I) influence the quality of health (O) in economically disadvantaged adult patients (P)?

This is my project aim:

  1. Improve quality of health in economically disadvantaged adult patients using telehealth remote monitoring devices by 20%, 6 months after telehealth device implementation




Introduction: Describe the clinical scenario. Include a narrative statement of the clinical nursing problem, including setting and population.


Background and Significance:  Describe background and significance of the clinical problem and possible innovation. Include data and relevant citations from the literature to support the significance of the clinical problem (e.g., incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, cost, etc.).


PICOT:  State your clinical or system question and your innovation question in PICOT format. Questions must be clinical, clear, concise, searchable and answerable.


Search Strategy / Results: Describe search strategy. Identify databases, key words, combinations, limits, and inclusion/exclusion criteria. Identify number and type of studies located.


Relevant Studies in your background.


  • Select the best of the relevant research studies, systematic reviews, and/or meta-analyses to include in your presentation. You should have 8 evidence-based journal articles in your presentation (less than 5 years old). Present a brief background and highlights of the study. You can place two articles on one slide using only essential aspects of the study as talking points identified on the slide. Detailed speaker notes should be included.
  • Use the GRADE criteria shown below to examine the level of evidence for all studies as a group. Make sure you present the LEVEL OF EVIDENCE for all articles combined at the end of your presentation. You do not need to make recommendations for practice in this presentation.
Telehealth remote monitoring devices and the influence influence of quality of health in economically disadvantaged adult patients