The Infrastructure Design is interesting and will work – but one concern I would have as the customer is that there’s only one firewall — what happens if it crashes..? We need some redundancy here as well a good assurance of good performance as well– that firewall could become bogged down as well. I would put a high speed router with ACLs in its place and then place firewalls behind each edge router. Add some redundant links between the switches and also perhaps implement HSRP and etherchannel. Document your networks and cabling, interfaces as well for ease of maintenance.
Summarize the site requirements and/or any challenges (changes to the topology as you detailed in Assignments 1 and 2) you are attempting to overcome. You should also provide an updated overall site topology based on your design.
This solution should be comprehensive, and the approach should be justified. CONFIGURATIONS OF TECHNOLOGIES SHOULD BE WRITTEN OUT TO HELP GUIDE THE SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATORS WITH IMPLEMENTATION. In some cases, you may find it necessary to implement additional cabling, which can be done by adding to the supplied topology. ANY ADJUSTMENTS TO THE SITES’ TOPOLOGY SHOULD BE DOCUMENTED and supplied with your submission.

Technical Details