For the artifact, write a description answering the following questions.  The written description explains the significance and impact of the artifact on your classroom, school, or the wider education community.

  • Writing descriptions. Respond to the following questions when writing a description for the artifact.  The description may not exceed four pages in length.
  • What is the nature of this activity or artifact?
  • Why is the activity or artifact significant? Remember that to be significant, the activity or artifact should show effort outside the normal requirements for your job, should illustrate your collaborative work with others in the education community, or show how you cultivate knowledge of your school’s community as a powerful resource for learning.
  • What impact has this activity had on you as a teacher, on your educational context, and on student learning?
  • How does this artifact demonstrate that you are a proactive member of a learning community?
  • Writing the interpretive summary. After writing your description and reviewing your artifact, write a one (1) page interpretive summary identifying and analyzing how this artifact provides evidence that you are a developing as a master teacher.  Respond to the following questions in your interpretive summary.
  • How does the artifact demonstrate you are a reflective teacher and committed to school effectiveness?
  • How does this artifact show that you are developing and functioning as a master teacher in your community?


Teachers are Members of Learning Communities