In the first place, focus on the Inventory stage of the logistics process.
Explain why an exhaustive inventory control is especially important in your company.
Propose actions to prevent disruption of the production process resulting from poor inventory management.
We know that for the correct exploitation of CERAMICOSA’s logistics network it is necessary to emphasize on the distribution stage.
What variables must be taken into account for a proper product coordination? Briefly propose an action to ensure these variables.
Propose also different actions that ensure a good management towards the client and that, at the same time, make you more competitive as a firm.
Since delivery timings are so tight due to the commitment of Furniturest with its customers, CERAMICOSA has decided to rent intermediate and/or final warehouses to quickly supply the demand of its client.
As a logistics director, do you consider this proposal correct?
Locate geographically the ideal spot for the warehouses taking into account the location of each physical store (Stockholm, Palermo and Vienna) whilst also considering that CERAMICOSA must be able to send the goods to any point in those countries (Sweden, Italy and Austria), since Furniturest’s customers can make purchases online.
Propose a route from the central warehouse to the final customer, bearing in mind that these new intermediate warehouses exists. Apply it to the three scenarios/cities.
Do you consider it appropriate to apply the Just in Time philosophy in our new warehouses? Justify your answer.
Regarding the choice of Incoterms:
Which do you consider more appropriate if we want our client to be freed, as much as possible, from all management and responsibility?
Imagine that you have implemented a service for Furniturest to collect the merchandise from our central warehouse, offering a 10% discount on the retail price. What type of Incoterm will interest you most in this case?
Decides which route planning system is best suited for CERAMICOSA’s activity.

Supply Chain Management