I need a SUMMARY TABLE (on multiple pages) that include the most recent studies regarding those
Polyphenols, Berries (all kind),In vivo, In vitro, Cancer, DNA Damage.
ONLY STUDIES FROM 2015  to date
The table must follow, in term of format and style the ones present in:
Brown, 2014 Brown, E.M., Latimer, C., Allsopp, P., Ternan, N.G., McMullan, G.,
McDougall, G.J., Stewart, D., Crozier, A., Rowland, I., Gill, C.I.R., 2014. In vitro and in
vivo models of colorectal cancer: Antigenotoxic activity of berries. J. Agric. Food
Chem. 62, 3852–3866. https://doi.org/10.1021/jf4050759

SUMMARY TABLE – Recent studies on Polyphenol antioxidant effects