❖ Pick a topic from the list provided below. These are the only acceptable topics.
❖ The term paper will be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 pages, not including any graphs, tables,
images or diagrams, cover page or resources cited page. PLEASE MAKE A COVER PAGE AND USE
❖ The paper will be printed in 11 or 12 font, maximum 1 and ½ line spacing. It is your responsibility to do
justice to your topic: take as many pages as necessary up to 10: if you think you need more than 10, then
it is your responsibility to synthesize your topic more efficiently.
Feel free to turn in a draft if you need help with this!
. The outline will be 1-2 pages
maximum, reviewing the pertinent points that you plan to cover in your paper, and the order in which
you plan to cover the topics. It will also include a general list of sources (need not be complete) you
plan to use. Please understand that not all of your sources can be Internet sources, nor can you only use
your texts as sources. Wikepedia is not an acceptable internet resource. You should consider looking for
relevant journals or studies to supplement your sources. It is often possible to find abstracts or entire
articles from some journals on line (some charge a per article fee), which is perfectly acceptable.
Sources such as the New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Cardiology, the Lancet, and
many others are excellent, and can often be located in the medical libraries of your clinical sites! The
outline is considered an assignment and will be graded; failure to hand the outline in on time (or earlier)
will result in a zero grade for the assignment.
(The outline is for your benefit, so that we can assist you in organizing your paper.)
❖ NO emailed outlines or papers will be accepted. Once again, NO emailed outlines or papers will be
accepted. LATE papers will lose 10% of their original grade for each day they are late. OPTIONAL
Emailed DRAFTS will be accepted.
❖ Objectives of the paper: The purpose for this assignment is to allow you to become expert in an area
of cardiovascular interest, and to demonstrate your newly gained knowledge to your instructors and
classmates. Papers will be shared with your fellow students as resources for educational enhancement.
The ability to write clearly is a necessary skill for medical professionals.
For all topics, a discussion/identification of the following is pertinent and should be included in your
paper: 1.) epidemiology (i.e., the presence of the “disease” and its progression/impact in the
population), 2.) risk factors/etiology, pre-hospital and in-hospital methods of identification/diagnosis, 3.)
pre-hospital (don’t forget protocols)and in-hospital management; and 4) impact or potential impact of
EMS on this condition/situation including your conclusions to your findings.
❖ Myocardial Infarction Hypertension
❖ Stroke Congestive Heart Failure/Pulmonary Edema
❖ Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome Long Q-T syndrome (genetic and acquired)
❖ Right OR Left Ventricular Failure Aortic Aneurysm
In some cases these topics contain quite a bit of material and could become unwieldy. In such cases I
suggest that you broadly state the epidemiology, risk factors/etiology and then narrow your focus to
discuss several issues of identification/management. Your outline will help us to narrow your focus. For
example, an MI paper could focus on RVI, or effectiveness of pre-hospital 12-leads and management, or
characteristics/symptomology of infarct location, etc.