To start your Portfolio Project, you will develop an audio script. The audio script should be a detailed script and reflect what you would say to executives during the presentation. The script will be read/used to present the human resource strategies you have worked with to executives. You will present the 5 strategies that will help HR become a strategic partner of an organization. The script will be the first part of the portfolio which will be added to the rest of the information presented below.
The introduction script needs to include the following:
An introduction to the portfolio project
The evaluation of the 5 most important competencies that a global human resource leader should possess.
Present the human resource strategies you have worked with.
Identify 5 strategies that will help HR become a strategic partner of an organization.
Your audio script will be the introduction to your portfolio and should meet the following requirements:

Be 2-3 pages in length
Now build the portfolio to be 12-17 slide PowerPoint presentation which include the following:
Audio Script Introduction that recommends strategies for transitioning human resources from a transactional/process-oriented role with an organization to one in which it is a strategic partner in determining the future of an organization.

Strategies for ensuring a legal and inclusive workplace

HR Best Workforce Management Practices Audit

Compensation and Benefits Plan

Organizational Intervention and Evaluation Plan
Your presentation should:
Be 12-17 slides in length (not including title and reference slides).
Each slide should present in bullet formatting (roughly 5 bullet points, no more than 7 words per bullet point)
Include presenter’s notes (minimum 2 paragraphs) for each slide to further detail the key text that is included on each slide.
Keep in mind that this project is all from the position of an International Human Resource Manager and therefore any evaluation and solutions should reflect proven Human Resource practices and theories.
The PowerPoint should have a relevant introduction outlining what topics will be discussed. Concluded with a strong conclusion that takes a stance supporting your critical thinking. Do not simply rewrite the introduction in the conclusion. Cite a minimum of 15 scholarly sources no older than 5 years old (2015 and current) to support your positions, claims, and observations (Please use at least 2 of the provided sources. Each slide must have speaker notes with a minimum of 2 paragraphs. Paragraphs must be 4-6 sentences long and supported by a minimum of 1-2 in-text citations in each paragraph. Please write assignment proficiently meaning all points need to be well supported. Also, write concisely, no run-on sentences with graduate level language please.
Please contact me if any clarity is needed. Thank you

Strategic Human Resource Management