1.Show your investments in twenty (20) well DIVERSIFIED investments.

2.Please indicate the industry or the specific section (i.e. gold, oil & gas, technology, entertainment, transportation, consumer goods, bio-technology, pharmaceuticals, etc.) that each investment represents.

3.The TOTAL Dollar amount of return (Profit/Loss.)

4.The percentage return.

5.Specify the holding period or duration of the investments in the portfolio

6.Show the percentage return calculated in the above item number 4 on an annualized basis.

7.State the top three (3) investments which had the BEST result based on the annualized return.

8.Write two (2) to three (3) lines explaining why your best selection outperformed the rest.

9.Specify which ones had the WORST results based on the annualized return.

10.Write two (2) to three (3) lines explaining why your WORST selection did so badly compared o the rest.

11.What did you learn from creating and tracking a portfolio?

12.Other comments and conclusions.

Stock investment