Given that we are currently experiencing what are undoubtedly the most profound events of our
lifetime, it only makes sense to unpack it sociologically. You may ask ‘but how?’ Well, this is
your task for the final paper: You will analyze EITHER Covid-19 (or rather, society and
Covid-19) OR The Racial Justice Movement (and its relation to society). READ THIS
AGAIN: you will pick ONE of those two options and unpack it using the three main
theoretical paradigms we have explored in every topic throughout the course: Structural
Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Conflict theory. You will then make the case
as to which method of sociological inquiry is most appropriate in these times and why. To
explore each lens of sociological analysis, you will first outline how the theoretical paradigm
approaches analysis (hint: you will need to cite the textbook to explain how the theoretical
paradigm focuses its analysis) and then you will provide an argument as to how one would
analyze Covid-19 or the Racial Justice Movements using this lens, by using some examples of
this in your own life and/or the world around you in the current circumstances. For the last piece
(the conclusion), you simply need to make a case for which perspective you believe is the most
appropriate and why (hint: be specific, support your claims with evidence and examples, there is
not a right answer here, but you should convince me that there is). You can (but do not need to)
bring in sources outside of the textbook. The assignment is a minimum of 1000 words, and
must follow proper ASA OR APA guidelines (title page + reference page, in-text citations, no
plagiarism etc). Scroll down to page two of this document for a brief outline of how I would
format this tremendous and fun assignment if I was the one writing it in an intro sociology
course. Again, you will pick EITHER of these social phenomena and you must unpack THAT
phenomena through each lens. DO NOT SWITCH BETWEEN TOPICS.