Support your answers with specific examples and details from the text, and cite any quote according to MLA standards, i.e., “quote” (Shakespeare I.ii, 45-49) or In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet says, “quote” (I.ii.45-49

Two terms to consider for this essay are hamartia and hubris. Hamartia is the notion that the central character’s fate is brought about by a tragic flaw in his character, and hubris is an overstepping of bounds of the character’s destiny which suggests some universal moral principles beyond the control of man. Does either of these terms pertain to Hamlet? Does he have a tragic flaw, or does he overstep his bounds? You may include your opinion of whether or not Hamlet is mad or rather extremely cunning and ambitious, but please take a stand on the issue. He may demonstrate elements of both, but you must argue that one or the other is responsible for his ultimate end.

Short Essay on Hamlet by Shakespeare