For this essay, you will need to reflect on how your writing has changed or developed over the course of the semester. Using your own essays, drafts, notes, and other assignments as evidence, you will formulate a thesis about how your writing has progressed over the term. You will then use the body of the essay to incorporate specific activities, essays, or assignments that demonstrate this change. Your goal is to convince the audience that you have thought critically about your own writing and demonstrated awareness of where you stand and how your writing has changed over the term. By the end of your essay, your audience should believe that you have made progress in this course and that you have successfully completed ENGL 102.

You should devote at least one paragraph in the essay to one of your weaknesses as a writer.  What are you still struggling with? How do you plan to work on this issue in the future?  Tell us what you want to work on and how you plan to work on it as you continue your studies.

You should aim for an essay about the length of one of our other assignments (roughly 3 pages, MLA style). It will be difficult to show true, thoughtful reflection in an essay shorter than this. Your essays, exercises, and classroom experiences are your evidence. No other sources are necessary or allowed.

You do not need a Works Cited page, and if you quote your own essays, please don’t include in-text citations that cite yourself

Self-Reflection Essay