It has been a long semester, hasn’t it? You have written four academic essays thus far. Hopefully your essay writing process has developed. You may have struggled in the beginning. It may have been difficult to start a paper. You may not have known where to begin. Has this changed? You will answer this very question, as you write the Self Evaluation Essay/ Letter.

What is a Self Evaluation Essay? It is an INFORMAL essay that will address your opinion on this course and how it did or did not change your writing. So, how should you write this essay? I am going to layout some basic instructions for you:

This is an INFORMAL essay/letter. This means you may use first and second person in your writing. This also means you are not expected to use academic sources of any kind. This does NOT mean that your writing should be sloppy or casual. You should still write using the same professionalism you have used throughout the semester. You have the choice of writing an actual essay or a letter addressed to me.

Answer the following questions in this essay:

How has your writing changed over the last 12 weeks? Give at least one specific example from an essay you have written.
What part of your writing still needs a lot of work?
What was your favorite/most effective part of this course?
If you could change one aspect of this class what would it be? How would it help you be a better writer?
What has this class taught you about yourself as a student? How will you use this knowledge for future classes?

Self Evaluation Essay