In my opinion, economic, societal, political and economic factors should not be part of the assessment piece of program evaluations, however I do believe that all three factors play a large part in students’ successes.   Thomas (2018) explained that race and economic status will directly affect standardized test scores in students.  Caucasian students tend to score higher than non-Caucasian students on standardized test.  Even with the same race of Caucasian students are compared, the “higher-class” Caucasian students score higher on testing than “lower-class” students.  According to Wexler (2018) “Critics of standardized testing say scores merely reflect family income and other factors beyond schools’ control—while also narrowing the curriculum and warping instruction” (first paragraph).  Counsell and Wright (2018) explains that the education world has started to view a student’s achievement from a test score.  This has become a political race from many states and countries.  Fear to produce high test scores can face educators to change content and strategies that will cause them to narrow curriculum (Dutton and Rushton, 2018).

Political, societal, and economic issues should not encompass education, however all three of these factors play a major part within early childhood education programs. In the eight years I have taught, I have witnessed more struggles from lower economic students.  Many of these students come to school looking to escape a bad home life.  Students that come from a wealthier family tend to have support from an early age and provide home support in their academic learning.  Last year, I had a student that had no support from home.  He struggled in reading and mathematics each day, because he could not stay awake to learn.  His witnessed more as an eight year child than most people witness as adults.  For some students, school is the only place they receive a hot meal or hug.  Teachers spend most of the day meeting those needs before focusing on their educational needs

Unfortunately, political, societal, political, and economic factors play a big part in program evaluations and assessments.  Meeting the needs of students should be the top priority for any educational program.  If we can take care of these needs, then we can begin to focus on the education scores increasing.


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