Create a resource list (with descriptions) related to an area of cognitive and/or neurological development during the lifespan.
Choose a topic related to cognitive and/or neurological development throughout the lifespan. After you have chosen an issue, search the web (and other locations) for information related to that issue. Select at least FIVE helpful websites (or other resources).

Your initial post will contain six sections as described below:

Section 1 – A paragraph (at least ten (10) complete sentences) describing the issue you researched and why you selected the topic. This section of the post is worth up to twenty (10) points.
Sections 2-6 (five paragraph sections) – descriptions of the resources. For each of the five helpful resources you found, list the title of the resource and URL (website link). Then, summarize the points that you found most helpful on the website (or in the resource). Use at least five (5) complete sentences to summarize each resource. These sections are worth up to ten (10) points each. Total of 50 points.

Resource List