The superintendent of your school district is concerned that the faculty is unaware of the most current research in the field of ELL instruction. He understands that teachers are busy and often cannot afford subscriptions to the leading ELL journals. Knowing this, he wants to get the most current research into the hands of his staff in the hopes that it will inform and improve instruction for all ELLs. As one of his model teachers, he has asked for your help and expertise. His directions to you are as follows:

In the letter to the superintendent, you will:

  1. Re-introduce yourself and your fictitious position in the school district (e.g., teacher, specialist).
  2. Explain which of the four areas (oral language, listening comprehension, speaking, and reading instruction) you chose.
  3. Explain why this area/topic is important to you.
  4. Provide a few sentences regarding what you previously knew about the topic before reading the study.
  5. Explain how you located and chose the study you reviewed. Be sure to include why you chose the one you did and why it was significant to you.
  6. Present an overall view of the research study and include performance indicators for reading/comprehension. Note the article in APA format. Provide information on the authors and their backgrounds. This information is usually found at the end of a study.
  7. Describe the study, research methodology, findings, and analysis.
  8. Provide two to three contributions from this study that you believe can help to inform/improve teacher practice and assessment in the district.
  9. Note if your original questions were answered, and if you now have any additional questions.
Research Study of Oral Language and Literacy Development—Letter to Superintendent