Hello Please I would need a research paper and PowerPoint done on a pathology.

Both must be done in APA style.

The name of my Pathology is CEREBRALVASCULAR ACCIDENT


develop a Research Document Report and PowerPoint
required criteria information as title topics to be discussed.
1 Define the disease
2 Demographics of the Disease
3 Cause of the disease
4 Signs and Symptoms of the disease If apply include
stages levels or types of the disease
5 Laboratory findings include all blood test names genetic
test urine test Must include all normal volume level
measurements versus abnormal levels that will confirm
the disease
6 Images of the Disease Xray MRI Ct Scans PET scans
7 Treatment for the disease this includes name of the
medications dosage side effects alternative medications
8 Diet for the patient
9 Prognosis of the disease
10 Photos of the disease throughout the PowerPoint
11 All students must apply APA and writing style format
12 References must be within the last 5 years and no less
than 10 references

APA is a format that requires that you write your paper as a Microsoft Word document It
has some standards that you need to follow The paper needs to have

Cover page
Just add whatever info you for the cover page I will add whatever info is missing for it

Abstract On the subsequent page It is only one paragraph the summarizes the
paper It clearly states the purpose of the paper You can include some Keywords

Body This is the most important part This must be divided in sections Each
section develops one specific aspect of your paper and has a heading to identify it
The heading is in boldface and centered If there is a subheading then it should be
flushed left All information consulted on the different sources must be
paraphrased and cited You can cite it like this last name of the author year of


Research paper and PowerPoint /AN