Collaboration is an important practice, both in your academic and professional career. Anthropologists often collaborate with their colleagues, during research studies, at conferences, etc. This collaboration can lead to substantial anthropological advances and serves as an excellent professional development tool. Throughout this course, you will collaborate with your classmates, as you would with colleagues in the field by sharing ideas, resources, interesting connections to the assigned readings, and general revelations.

You will be required to create a digital scrapbook that will be used throughout the course. This scrapbook is a venue for you to share photos, links to articles, videos, and anything else that may be pertinent to the course. Each week the collaboration focus will be on topics that are relevant to different aspects of your final assignment.

Continue using one of the following options for your digital scrapbook:

Share a minimum of three resources you may find beneficial in your final research paper in your scrapbook.

In the discussion forum area, collaborate on the following topics:

Briefly describe the relationship between gender and economic production.
Describe how gender impacts your ability to make a living.
Share a link to your scrapbook so that your classmates can provide feedback and insight and to share your ideas.

Research Paper