Within the journal explain the following in 3 paragraphs:

  1. The key things you learned during the last two weeks?
    • Reflect on the topics you have studied. (Chapters and module content are attached).
  2. How can they relate to the workplace?
    • Note: Work background attached below.
  3. How they can aid and be applied to your personal and professional development?

Be specific and give examples

My Work Background:

Bachelor’s degree of nursing. Work in newly-open health organization at Qatar. Have shifted through different departments and activated 3 different departments. Currently working as partnership and community relation lead. This department had lots of community engagement, work with collaboration with other hospitals and physicians outside into updating of our new hospital and services, as well as big part of this deployment is advertisement and marketing for the hospital. I work specifically at women’s clinical and management group (WCMG).

Research Method Journal Entry Unit 9&10