Economic Measure Data
Part I:
For each of the following data components, record the current data reported, the date the data was reported, the
period of time the data represents (annual, quarterly, etc.), whether the data was an increase or a decrease from
the last report, and brief (2 -3 sentence) statement of why the data has increased, decreased, or stayed the same
since the last data report. This summary should be written in your own words, not copied and pasted from the
data source. At the conclusion of your 2 – 3 sentence statement, you should provide the direct link to the online
resources from which you gathered your data.
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Unemployment Rate
Payroll Employment
Average Hourly Earnings
Producer Price Index (PPI)
Gross Domestic Product
GDP Price Deflator
Productivity Real GDP (% Change)
Personal Income (% Change)
International Trade in Goods and Services

Use the following websites to complete Part I

Research Assignment