Part 2 ONLY: Using data for the Beastali Knife Venture from the text Making the Case to learn about independent and dependent variables, and research to develop a pro forma. This data is provided in the EXCEL named “TEST DATA”.

Overview: Part 2:
In Part 2 of the assignment a pro forma checklist is provided (nothing to do the previous data for Coca Cola). We use test data to help you explore the pro forma. The purpose of this assignment is that we want to acquaint you with the notion of independent and dependent variables, sensitivity analysis, and how you can simulate different scenarios with a pro forma income statement. We guide this inquiry by providing 8 questions (shown below). You will state and answer these and also provide a final EXCEL spreadsheet with your changes as indicated.

Learning Objectives
Explore a pro forma checklist.
Understand the using of independent variables and their impact on dependent variables
Engage in a “sensitivity analysis” and analyze the results of that analysis
Summarize findings from the sensitivity analysis

Deliverables Part 2:
Answer questions 1 through 9: Number each question as below and provide the answer after each question.

It should be answered in the same format from document attached.

Research and Forecasting Analysis