Select an online service that you currently use as a customer or subscriber (e.g. banking, retailing, music or TV streaming, health and medical services, travel booking, etc., etc.). NETFLIX

With specific reference to relevant theory covered in this course, and the papers you have been specifically asked to read for this assignment, complete the following tasks:

Spend some time using the service. From your perspective as a customer, critically evaluate:

i) the nature and characteristics of the service (i.e. in what ways, and to what extent, does it exhibit the four main characteristics of a service: intangibility, heterogeneity, perishability, and inseperability); and main challenges the service provider faces as a result.

ii) how, and how effectively, the ‘services marketing mix’ is designed and delivered to create a positive customer experience. (Note: You are encouraged to consider concepts related to consumer needs, benefits and behaviour and the three additional P’s of the services marketing mix – people, processes and physical evidence. You may also find it useful to briefly consider the original 4Ps of the marketing mix too – product, price, place and promotion – but your main focus should be on the three additional Ps).

iii) how, and how effectively, the organisation seeks to differentiate the online service and create a unique and relevant compeitive position in the market (Note: You are encourage to compare the online service with that of competitors, and to apply concepts related to segmentation, targeting, positioning, value, and differentiation);

iv) how, and how effectively, each organisation seeks to understand, build relationships with, and retain existing customers in the online/digital environment (Note: You are encouraged to apply concepts related to service quality, service failure, service recovery, relationship marketing and loyalty).

i) apply theoretical/conceptual understanding that you have developed by studying the narrated lectures, engaging in the taught workshops and completing the associated chapter reading from a course text (see table above); and
ii) apply insights, knowledge and understanding that you have gained from reading a series of ‘essential’ journal articles for each assignment. We expect to see clear evidence that you have studied these articles, and are able to apply insights and understanding gained from this reading in your analysis and evaluation of practice.

Reflective on Strategic Marketing