Develop a recruitment and hiring plan.

Part One:

Create a job profile for the front desk agent position including:

  • Key Duties
  • Primary Candidate Requirements
  • Secondary Candidate Requirements
  • Candidate Interpersonal Skills/Personal Traits
  • Hourly Wage – Please do your research on similar positions and economy properties in the geographic area and include an hourly rate based on your findings. Make sure to cite the websites used to determine hourly rate on your project’s reference page.

Part Two:

Create a draft weekly schedule for the Front Desk to determine staffing needs. The front desk will be open from 5 a.m. to 8 days per week. Build a schedule making sure each front desk employee has two days off and account for a 30-minute unpaid meal break for employees working an 8-hour shift. You may want to consider having two staff members on duty during peak check in and check out days, particularly in the first couple of months of opening. The STR report may be able to provide perspective.

You have the ability to hire:

  • Full-time employees working 8-hour shifts (requiring 30-minute unpaid meal break)
  • Part-time employees working 4-hour shifts (no meal break needed)
  • On-call employees working either 4-hour or 8-hour shifts.

Once you have completed the draft weekly schedule, indicate the number of employees you will be hiring for along with position type (example: 5 full-time, 2 part-time, and 3 on-call).

Part Three:

Create a job posting to be promoted through LinkedIn and free job posting sites.

Part Four:

Along with posting the job LinkedIn, conduct online research to determine free sites/locations to post your opportunity in the cities surrounding Zion. Include a minimum of three including name of organization, website, and phone.

Part Five:

Develop 10 interview questions to assess each candidate’s experience and interpersonal skills as they relate to the key duties and candidate requirements of the role.

Part Six:

Create a candidate evaluation form to fairly assess each applicant.

Formatting Standards

Attach a Microsoft Word document with the following proposal standards:

Headings must be left justified and underlined. Heading examples for this project include: (1) Job Profile, (2) Draft Weekly Schedule, (3) Job Posting, (4) Job Posting Site Options, (5) Interview Questions, and (6) Candidate Evaluation Form.
Single-spaced document
1-inch margins on the top, bottom, left, and right
12-point font (Arial or Times Roman)
Include a reference page listing in APA format the books, journals, industry documents, and websites you utilized to develop your project. Since your submission will not be a direct copy of information, you do not need to cite within the document. Make sure to paraphrase to avoid text with more than 3 words quoted from another source. Copying material greater than 30 words is not permitted, even with a reference.

Your project will be submitted through TurnItIn plagiarism detection technology. A medium to high percentage of similarity may result in:

· Substantial assignment deduction.

· A failing grade for the assignment with no opportunity to submit.

· Professor submitting Alleged Academic Misconduct Report form with academic sanctions ranging from failing grade on the assignment to failing grade for class.

Recruiting and hiring plan