The research wants to use a comparative historical analysis as a methodology of a social phenomenon which is reading aloud to children that takes place not in a live setting but mediatized through TV or radios In the history of the UK ( between 1950/60 and today twentieth century). This was initiated first by the BBC shows “ watch with mother” and “ listen with mother”. I want to present a literature review chapter from the dissertation that discusses first: reading aloud to children as a social performance. To break it down: 1- reading aloud to children needs to be properly defined which is linked mostly to early literacy and educational field literature review 2- reading aloud to children can be categorised as live and mediatized performance that is according to Philip Auslander’s theory of live and mediatized performances ( linking between Auslander’s live and mediatized performance concept to reading aloud to children). 3- literature review of the history of reading aloud to children In the U.K. and linking it to children’s literature emergence and child’s rights movement.

Reading aloud to children through television and radio ( media)