1)Discuss an altruistic behavior you have witnessed. Decide if it was true altruism, heroism, kin selection or self-interest that was the underlying motivation for the act.


2)Have you ever witnessed and event where someone provided help or did not provide help? Which elements of the 5 steps may have increased or decreased the person or people’s helping behavior?



3)Have you ever witnessed something aggressive or violent in the workplace? Was it covert or overt aggression? Which of the 3 forms of work place aggression would you say it was?


4)Discuss any of the forms of aggression on slide 4. What type of aggression was it and why?


5) Based on the class data report do you think the question “What is the representation of different racial/ethnic groups across Ivy League school webpages?” correct in the sence of being diverse ? Were there any surprises or anything new that you learned from the data report? Do you have any questions about the data?