I need a social justice Public Service Announcement (PSA) PowerPoint presentation that must have a minimum of 4 “slides” and a maximum of 8 and must be converted into a mp4/video format. The presentation should have a combination of written and audio content (Please provide speaker notes).

The presentation must be creative but more importantly, informative. You are “teaching” your viewer about a period in history that they might not otherwise know. The information provided in the presentation must be historically accurate. Possible content can include but is not limited to, interviews, role-playing skits, newspaper advertisements, primary sources, images. Try to engage both auditory and visual learners by adding visuals and sound.

Remember one of the slides is a source slide, use many sources as needed but don’t go overboard. Citing should be in Chicago style.

Cover a topic in Women’s Rights that addresses a social justice theme subtopics are on the following below can use all or some of subtopics. Remember not to go over 8 slides

National Organization for Women
Reproductive Rights and Justice
Ending Violence against Women
Constitutional Equality Amendment
Roe V Wade

Any questions please contact me

PSA on Women Rights