For this assignment the WADA ( should be used to determine if your assigned Ergogenic Aid is banned for international competition.

–For this assignment you may choose (and CORRECTLY cite) a SINGLE non peer reviewed web site for the purpose of showing the purported benefit(s) of your ergogenic aid as described to the general public. Make sure you do not fall into the trap of also using this source as support for the remainder of your response.

—You are writing a summary or review paper of your supplement. Consider how the supplement is used- ie prior, during, after performance, or other times.

—-To have a strong, specific and detailed response will require you to rely on current (10 years or newer) primary sources- ie research studies. It does not make sense to make the choice to utilize secondary sources- reviews, position stands, texts, etc. If you make the decision to do this then you are essentially summarizing information that has already been summarized. This will significantly limit the specificity and detail of the information.

—– You will be graded not only on the quality of the information you provide (which is directly related to the quality of the references you choose, and your ability to understand the information in these references), but also on how well you are able to convey the information- ie your writing ability. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, unclear and/or unreferenced statements that are not common knowledge interfere with your ability to convey information to your fellow cohort members. Use the Misc Reference Info and Discussion Checklist (MRI/DC) as you prepare and write your response.

——Make sure you are summarizing the correct Ergogenic Aid. If you summarize the incorrect one then you will not receive any credit for the assignment.

——-Make sure the name of the Ergogenic Aid is the first word of the Subject heading of the post (this will allow cohort members to quickly see which Ergogenic Aids have already been posted).

1) What is your ergogenic aid, and is it legal according to WADA? This means you a) cite intext AND b) have a link to the WADA info in your references

2) Physiologically how does the ergogenic aid effect the body- be as specific as possible, but also make sure you understand what you are writing. If the aid has a medical use (ex- testosterone) then briefly discuss this too.

3) What is the theoretical purpose(s) for athletes to use your Ergogenic Aid? This is where you use the single non peer reviewed web site. You should not use any other sources to answer this question.

4) Does research support the theoretical purpose(s) for use of the Ergogenic Aid?- ie: DOES IT WORK?

5) What are the possible health risks (if any) that can occur from using your Ergogenic Aid.

Protein use during exercise as an ergogenic aid