Project Topic: Effective Approaches to Addressing Nurse Burnout in Home Health Setting Provide an initial workup of chapter two and the project direction. Journal: Project Topic This week you will select your project topic and begin to think about strategies for conducting your research. As you reflect on the discussion and feedback you have received over the last two weeks, identify a topic and potential project question that you would like to focus on for your project (please keep in mind, at this point, it is important to avoid firmly attaching yourself to specific details as there will still be considerable revisions based on the new knowledge you will obtain over the next few weeks). In addition, you need to identify individuals whom you can invite to serve on your project committee. Your course instructor will serve as your Committee Chair for all four project courses, but you will need to locate a Faculty Reviewer and an Independent Faculty Reviewer. You do NOT need to contact these individuals yet, simply list 2 or 3 individuals that you may be able to contact to serve in each of these roles. For more information on forming your project committee, see the University Doctoral Student Handbook. Your reflection paper this week should include: Description of the general topic you are interested in investigating for your project A project question related to your project topic List of 2-3 individuals that you may want to ask to serve on your project committee (include contact information for each)

Project Topic