For this task, you will assess your organization and how it is impacted by Porter’s diamond factors by researching key external, political, legal,

technical, and environmental factors.

Prompt: First, review the module resources, especially the Michael Porter article The Competitive Advantage of Nations, and then examine and answer the following questions based on your chosen organization for the final project:

  • Factor Endowments: How is your organization impacted by factor endowments? In other words, does your organization have a competitive edge based on such things as land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship that can be exploited for production?
  • Demand Conditions: How is your organization impacted by demand conditions? In other words, how is your company developed compared to other competitors?
  • Related and Supporting Industries: Are the related and supporting industries located close to your organization in order to create a competitive edge?
  • Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry: Is the organization’s strategy, structure, and rivalry providing the company with competitive advantage?
  • Government and Chance: How do government and chance support the competitive advantage of the organization?
Porter Diamond Model – Organizational Assessment