Each student will be required to write a five page term paper (not including a title page, abstract page, and reference page) that describes a psychological disorder from a biopsychosocial perspective. Students will be required to describe the disorder in terms of symptoms, describe biological, psychological, and social causes of the disorder and include information about treatment.

Students will selected one psychological disorder when completing Thinking Assignment 1. You selected one of the following topics:
schizophrenia spectrum disorder
bipolar I disorder
Bipolar II disorder
major depressive disorder
separation anxiety disorder
specific phobia
panic disorder
hording disorder
reactive attachment disorder
post-traumatic stress disorder
pica in children
pica in adults
anorexia nervosa
bulimia nervosa
erectile disorder
female orgasmic disorder
intermittent explosive disorder
alcohol-related disorders
opioid-related disorders
cluster A personality disorders (you must pick one: paranoid personality, schizoid personality, schizotypal personality)
Symptoms may be described in terms of emotional symptoms, cognitive symptoms, behavioral symptoms, somatic symptoms, and impairment in social and occupational functioning.
Biological explanations may include the following: Brain structure and function, genetics, hormones, evolution/natural selection, neurotransmitters (oversupply, under supply, dysfunction)
Psychological explanations may include the following: Learning, memory, personality traits, cognition (thought patterns), trauma/stress, emotion/mood
Sociocultural explanations may include the following: Gender roles, socioeconomic status, locations (city or rural), school/education, cultural values, poverty
Treatment may include medications, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, group therapy, client centered therapy
You will use the same five articles that you used when completing the Thinking Assignment 1 (Annotated Bibilogrpahy).

Pica in Children