The purpose of the paper is to introduce nursing students to philosophical worldviews that shape the way knowledge is viewed among various disciplines including nursing. Please look at the rubric for detailed criteria of the paper. Overall, you will identify a philosophical worldview and provide a thorough analysis of it including its origins and evolution. In addition, you will discuss how your philosophy influenced methods of inquiry, scientific reasoning and nursing science over time. Lastly you will summarize your thoughts on how Postmodernism influenced the creation of new knowledge and nursing science today.

Identify a philosophical worldview of your interest from what has been covered in class so far. Please provide a brief description of the philosophy’s assumptions including the originators and how it has evolved through years. (7 points)

B. Discuss how the philosophical worldview chosen influenced the methods of inquiry and scientific reasoning over time among nursing and various academic disciplines. (7 points)

C. Conclude with your thoughts on how contemporary schools of thought (modern and post-modern) have influenced the creation of new knowledge, nursing scholarship and nursing science today. (7 points)

Organization, sentence structure, grammar, and logical flow of ideas APA format for title page, citations, and references. Paper should be between 5-6 pages, not including title and reference pages. (4 points)

Philosophy of Nursing Science