Attached is the assignment and list of some theories of psychology to look at to relate to the movie and for the assignment under ″schedule of classes″

the movie I chose is the Pursuit of Happyness

Here is an email from the professor with some tips or guidelines:

Regarding the sources:
please do not use sources that relate to the movie. The goal is to find sources that relate to the particular theories you plan on using for your analysis.
Please do not use other personality textbooks, the one for our course is sufficient.
Please try to make the sources relatively recent (within the past 10 years), as much as possible.
A good example would be to find a source that looks at the Big 5 in a particular context and see how that might relate to your use of the theory for the character in the movie.
If you already submitted your sources and they do not meet the above criteria, please find alternatives and submit them – you have until the 30th.
In the paper, you do not need an extensive summary of the movie – a few sentences is enough.
When you are talking about the theoretical constructs – please make sure you explain the construct fully, even if not all of it applies to your character. For instance, if you are using Freud′s psychosexual stages, please briefly review them all and then show how the particular stages relate to your character. Similarly, if you are using the Big 5, make sure you explain all 5 traits, even if you focus on a couple of them in your analysis.

Here are 3 good sources I have to start with:

Personality psychologist