Select a photograph from a past generation (your parents, grandparents, or greatgrandparents) or one that has significant meaning to you. Describe the photograph in
detail. Include factors like facial expressions or body postures – what do these reveal
about the subject(s)? Consider cultural indicators such as clothing and what is in the
background, etc.
Also comment on what is not obvious to the uninformed observer. What is going on
“under the surface” of the photograph? Make to speak to someone who actually knows
the details of the photo and the personal stories of the person/people depicted if you are
not familiar with them yourself. Consider why the photo was taken. What might have
been going on immediately beforehand or afterwards?
Since this is a personal essay, the use of first person is encouraged as are personal
observations. Have you learned something about yourself, others, or life in general
through discussing the photograph? Make sure to have a theme (implicit) running
throughout your personal essay and have a clear introduction and conclusion

Personal Essay on Family Photograph